Reagan and Newfoundland


More than a hundred

The Ten Thousand Lire

No! Not That One!

Put A Stone On It!

I Checked It!

To Smoke, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Wrong! Wrong!

The Kodak

I Don’t Believe Anyone Anymore


Military time

The Cutlery

Baby English

The Testicles

The Second Secret

The Pulse

To Agree

The Sheraton

The Byrne Family

Signal Hill

The Cowboy

The Condoms

US Robotics

Harbour Drive

Kitchen and Chicken

Thirty years, Topsail

The Tight shoes


The Research Warrant


Goran Ivanišević

Plastic Wrap


The dog

The three Spaniards

The pyramid

To Fall asleep

I was looking for a book written the way I wanted. I could not find it; it was easier to write than to find one. At last, I wrote it, and this is the product. It’s not how I wanted it, but I am satisfied with the results.

It is a book where recent and past historical events intertwine. A critique of bureaucratic society, work, religion, medicine and finance. It opens up ethical reflections on people’s identities.

A man travels to the United States, but due to an adverse event, he finds himself in a different place, an unexpected situation and an unexpected new relationship. Without always knowing what to do, he adapts to what happens to him with varied reflections and criticisms. He makes unconventional decisions. He tries not to adapt to the different bureaucracies. Furthermore, he likes to meet people with interesting personalities, from there he draws information that others do not take into consideration.

The Chapter 1

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